Why Choose Us ?

At each step, we’ve been built by individuals who have gone on the far side the boundaries of personal goals and leaped across boundaries. It is the freedom provided to each individual at Morbus technologies to learn, grow and create a career path that makes us an organization of opportunities beyond boundaries. We invite you to be a part of this experience.

We believe our strength is in our people. From the joy of working on cutting-edge technologies to a way of achievement, set in an environment of transparency; discover why Morbus technologies are one of the most desirable workplaces.

Benefits of Joining

A career at Morbus Technologies means a wonderful chance to explore your potential, continuous growth, and also the joy of working on the latest technologies alongside the best minds in the industry. Our responsibility towards you doesn’t stop at salaries and compensation alone. We offer all possible help to facilitate you’re settling down.

Training & Internship Programme

We organize the most effective training & Internship programme for the Students.

  • PHP
  • JAVA


Our 360-degree appraisal system provides feedback at all levels helping in your overall development. This open-minded approach ensures your position is decided upon by a fair and open system and not by extraneous factors.


At Morbus Technologies Pvt. Ltd, we provide a clear job posting system 'My Opportunities'. All open positions are visible to employees, giving you the flexibility to apply for the job of your choice and map your career. Morbus offers you career opportunities in core business divisions such as Human Resource, Marketing, and Technology Services. And, in Technology Services, there are stimulating jobs in Web Developer, PHP Developer, Android Developer, Software Developer, and Testing Services.

Work Environment

Our culture is the foundation of our success and it is completely people oriented, touching lives and making a difference to employees, customers and partners alike. We believe that excellence isn’t a destination but a journey of continuous improvement and we keenly promote an open culture, encouraging feedback, and actively transforming it into action.

Career With Us

Training/Internship Program